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15 Nov 2015

Painting a picture of Agile Learning Centers

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[Tomis Parker gets co-writing credit for this as he made the inital draft for something that we were working on.  But after re-arranging some things and editing, I felt like it was worth posting here too.]
At the core of the Agile Learning Centers project is a paradigm shift from a consumptive education to a proactive one -- a co-creative educational model that puts students in the driver’s seat of the process. Mainstream school is designed to train children for a world that no longer exists.
05 Nov 2015

ALCs as NextGen Self-Directed Learning (Pt.1)

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[Still a draft, but it's time to post these first 7 pages (Part 1 of 2)]

Since the first Agile Learning Center was built from the ashes of a dying Free School, a number of our tools were developed specifically to address common challenges which Free Schools face. We’ve also had similar or even more striking positive results from other Free Schools using ALC tools which has led them to switch over to become an Agile Learning Center.

04 Nov 2015

ALC Starter Kit

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ALC ToolboxI'm not going to post all 70 pages of the Agile Learning Center Starter Kit here, but it is a big chunk of writing that I spent a couple weeks this summer authoring.  So, I figure it really counts as writing that I'd like to share.

What's exciting is that we haven't particularly promoted the Starter Kit much yet, and we've had a couple hundred downloads from all over the world and a dozen or so ALC start-up groups that have signed on because of it.

So, if you're looking for solutions for 21st Century education and ready for a framework to support children in designing their own education, then you should download the Starter Kit (disclaimer, it's still a BETA / draft).

13 Nov 2014

Fantasies, Dreams, Harebrained Schemes

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[Note: this is not the topic I said I would blog about as I ended yesterday’s post.]

Okay… I’ll admit it.  I’ve had some pretty harebrained schemes. 

Abnormal. Uncomfortable. Ridiculous. Unreasonable. Outrageous, even.

Of course, most of the ones that I actually took action on have worked.  About the others, we will probably never know.

I’m committed to maintain some spark of unjaded idealism and allowing myself to dream big.  I have some crazy, big projects in the works: building eco-villages and inspiring and nourishing communities, making it possible for myself and others to live from our passions instead of from monetary-based survival, transforming education, business, and human collective intelligence...

But it’s tricky navigating the waters between deep rooted dreams and harebrained schemes, and making sure that I don’t get waylaid by flaky fantasies.

10 Nov 2014

A Scattered Conglomeration

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I actually spent a fair amount of time today writing, and don't really have much of a new blog entry to show for it. What I do have to share is:

06 Nov 2014

Those Kids and Their Darn Gadgets <grumble...grumble>

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I consistently hear these sorts of complaints a lot from parents, grandparents, and random adults on Facebook bemoaning the decline of a sort of basic decency among today’s youth.

  • “Kids today are addicted to being on their damn electronic devices.”
  • “Kids don’t even learn proper spelling or grammar with their stupid text speak.”
  • “Video games and smartphones are like crack for young minds.”
  • “Kids today aren’t learning necessary social skills since they won’t pull their noses out of their devices.”


01 Nov 2014

An EXPLOSION of new writing!

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I’m painfully aware of the gap between how much value and insight I’ve been experiencing in the work that I’ve been doing, and how much I’ve been sharing and expressing that value in ways that others can access it.