Deep Wealth

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A brief recap of the principles of Deep Wealth, how to "see" it and build it together.
At the Impact Economy Summit we had a breakout group exploring the concept of Deep Wealth that I had presented briefly. This is a brief report back.
10 Nov 2015

New Kind of Commons: The Land Weaving Society

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aerial photo of landYou might know the expression among software developers: "Code is Law." It is a trueism about the abilities and limitations that the users of the software become bound to. And I see a world where this becomes quite literally true in the larger social context as we build new digital commons and distributed autonomous organizations where our agreements, and processes for sharing and accessing resources are quite literally encoded in the digital tools we use to share them and gain access to them.

I’d like to share a bit about a vision for a Land Weaving Society as an example of these patterns and processes -- a way to shift land access and use, by voluntary participation in a commons where owners "share" their land (or house, or buildings) with other members for various uses like hiking, camping, farming, firewood collection, fruit harvesting, etc.

09 Nov 2015

Is there anything that can’t be Monetized?

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Putting all of nature into the economic meat grinder to make money[This question was asked by Rachel Haywire in a private Facebook group where I occasionally participate. I'd like to share my answer, because I think it's important in understanding the nature of monetization - what it's good for, and what it's not.]

I'd like to reframe just a bit. There are many things that *should not* be monetized or commoditized, but if we peel back our veil of justifications and self-delusions about money, we fundamentally use money (as configured today) as gambling tokens for speculative wealth. So then your question becomes, "Is there anything that somebody isn't willing to place gambling stakes on?" And the answer becomes more obvious. "No. Some idiot will be willing to price/gamble on/monetize just about anything." Of course, that is not to say such a price is a reflection of its real value or worth, just its current standing in a particular gambling market.

Many things have no value to a particular person at a precise time in a specific context. Every system of valuation (currency) is contextual valuing some things and not others, for example, day care has dollar value in our economy, stay-at-home-parenting does not.

25 Nov 2014

Living in Community

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Youth sitting in a tight circle with their feet together.I’ve pretty much always lived in community. Except for when living in my camper or a tent, I’ve never really had a home to myself, I’ve always had family, community, roommates, housemates, or some variant like that.

In fact, there are only brief moments that I grasp the allure of the solitude of living alone. I experience it when I go out in nature, or want to have large windows of uninterrupted time to focus, create or work. But as a lifestyle, there feels like a certain kind of poverty to living alone.

It is my experience, that true wealth is not a function of the amount of stuff you can cram into your house, or the quality of that stuff, or having a big number in your bank account in case you need some of that stuff. True wealth, or maybe I should say Deep Wealth, is a function of relationships.

12 Nov 2014

Magical Power Objects and Sociopaths

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Fantastical visions of special objects which grant unlimited power seem to hold a compelling place in the human mythos. The Book of Thoth. Zeus’ thunderbolt. The names of God. The Ring of Gyges/Odin/ Solomon/Sauron. The genie in the lamp. The Spear of Destiny. The magic wand. The Holy Grail. The alchemist’s stone.Genie Lamp

The myths typically warn us about the dangers of pursuing power objects. The lesson usually involves undesirable consequences to the fixated pursuer, or accidental consequences to the world or at least their loved ones.  Yet the pursuer continues, ignoring the damage they cause.

The stories point to a deep pathological weakness in humans – the temptation of magical power. Think of how nice it sounds for you to be able to magically summon your heart’s desires without concern for the consequences. I mean, what real consequences could there be? It’s magic, right?  “Poof! I have whatever I want.”

These stories are not all fictional. In many ways, the conquistador’s pursuit of gold during the period of Spanish exploration, was this kind of thing. The Nazi’s pursuit of supernatural weapons. The modern investment banker’s pursuit of money.

Yes.  That’s right.  I said money.

04 Nov 2014

Monetizing my Daughter: A Modest Proposal

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a baby girlWhen I graduated from business school I realized how poorly I’d been applying the important profit-producing principles of business to all areas of my life. I vowed to change that once and for all. So I’m going to start by maximizing the return on investment in my daughter.

I quickly ruled out some of the more obvious business models regarding her sexuality. Although there’s certainly market demand, she’s just too young -- I need my ROI much sooner than she will reach sexual maturity, and I have no talent for pornography. Others have found some innovative models, like auctioning your virginity on eBay, but surely that market will be saturated by the time she’s of legal age.