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13 Jun 2016

Ode to ELL and my Backlog

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Crap... it all got deleted and I have to re-write it.  Awesome.

M'Lissa (Roulson) Story did her Masters thesis using Emerging Leader Labs as a case study for Social Innovation Incubators. This is her presentation of her thesis. Okay, it's not exactly news/press, but it's actually kind of cooler. Somebody did a whole Masters thesis about ELL!
emaze.com // or whatever the title of M'Lissa's full thesis is. :)
Jacki Saorsail compiled a whole output packet as part of her capstone project for her Masters from Gaia University. Be sure to note there are SEVEN TABS OF CONTENT across the top of the page. That's where most the beef is, not on the "cover page."
Gaia University - Capstone Output Packet for Masters Degree
13 Nov 2014

Fantasies, Dreams, Harebrained Schemes

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[Note: this is not the topic I said I would blog about as I ended yesterday’s post.]

Okay… I’ll admit it.  I’ve had some pretty harebrained schemes. 

Abnormal. Uncomfortable. Ridiculous. Unreasonable. Outrageous, even.

Of course, most of the ones that I actually took action on have worked.  About the others, we will probably never know.

I’m committed to maintain some spark of unjaded idealism and allowing myself to dream big.  I have some crazy, big projects in the works: building eco-villages and inspiring and nourishing communities, making it possible for myself and others to live from our passions instead of from monetary-based survival, transforming education, business, and human collective intelligence...

But it’s tricky navigating the waters between deep rooted dreams and harebrained schemes, and making sure that I don’t get waylaid by flaky fantasies.

07 Nov 2014

GameShifting tools for Group Self-Facilitation

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This weekend I'm facilitating the community retreat at Quaker Intentional Village Canaan and Eric Harris-Braun and I just customized a GameShifting Board for Quaker communities to use during the retreat.  I've watched GameShifting perform magic with groups for kids and adults alike. So far, we're off to a bit of a rough reception when introduced this evening, but I'm still hoping it will play out well in use tomorrow.

This video is from the second year of Emerging Leader Labs sharing our gratitude with the people who supported us. August 2013.
Summer 2012 Eric and I ran a gift-economy based social change incubator. It was awesome! Ben Brownell captured much of the spirit of it in this video.