27 Feb 2016

The MetaCurrency Myth

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The story I want to be able to tell my (as of yet non-existent) grandchildren in 25 years.
Once upon a time, our planet was dying. People had organized themselves into patterns with funny names like “limited liability corporations,” “federal governments,” “non-profit organizations,” and “institutions of higher education.”  We were unwittingly eating the world and all of its resources to perpetuate the survival of and expand the growth of these social organisms.
This was a time before humans had recognized the power of currencies as “Current-Sees.” We barely understood any difference between the aggregate actions of individuals, and the phenomenon of those individuals organized into coherent patterns. Today we know that these patterns, or social organisms, actually have their own hardwired feedback loops, nervous systems, intelligence, and incentives and rewards, distinct from the individuals within them, just as biological organisms have intelligence distinct from the cells they're comprised of. But at that time, we didn't have good tools to see these patterns clearly.

13 Jul 2015

Dream Team Technologies Founding Documents

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In 1996 I started a company with some friends with the intention of creating "community at work together." This company became a HUGE source of my personal growth and development, broad entrepreuneurial experience, intentional culture creation and is what set me on the path into alternative currencies because of the innovative performance measures we created to manage a managerless organization.  I'm sharing our founding documents below because I find them very inspiring and they're not online anywhere.  
Actually, I usually cry when reading them aloud... especially the Statement of Accountability.