28 Nov 2015

Infrastructure Breakdown

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Okay. At the beginning of the month I promised 5 posts per week. I did pretty well the first couple weeks, but I had a computer meltdown and started burning most of my spare time rebuilding my system, making my final migration to Linux, and wrestling with a lack of adequete drivers for my hardware to function reasonably. Four Linux distros later with multiple kernel patches and modprobe variations and tweaks to settings, drivers, xorg configurations, startup scripts, etc.... I still don't have working WiFI and my mouse behavior is not yet acceptable.

01 Nov 2015

Another Active November!

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Last November I committed to write and publish every day. I posted 32 blogs many were about Agile Learning Centers and MetaCurrencies, a bit about Ceptr and Next Internet design. I've only posted a handful since then.
So this year I'm going ot make a similar commitment, but allow for weekends off. I'll write and publish daily for every weekday (at least 20 posts in November). Most will be about Ceptr as we're actively preparing to unveil the technology we've been working on for years now.
30 Nov 2014

The End of a Month of Daily Publishing & Loose Ends

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To Do ListSo it’s the end of a month of daily writing and posting… I’ve already posted some reflections about what I’ve learned from the process, and although I have a number of partially written posts I could tackle to post tonight, I find that instead I want to talk about what’s next.

Although there’s certainly been some value in the practice of daily posting, I fear I’m compromising quality for frequency.  I’m tempted to continue with a daily writing practice, and trying to make sure I have time structured for that. However, I’m not so sure I want to post from that writing on a daily basis.

For me there’s a bit of a tension between writing freely and quickly, and writing something ready to be shared. I want to keep a flow of free writing, but then come back and edit it for publication. And I’m game to commit to publishing weekly, and I’d like to post even a few times a week, but with only the “promise” for once a week.  That certainly feels quite doable at the moment since I just managed to do it 7 times per week for the past 30 days.

27 Nov 2014

The Pervasiveness of Consciousness and Language

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The word “atom” means indivisible in the original Greek. It was supposed to be the smallest indivisible object. “Object” meaning: tangible thing put before the senses. Atoms were supposed to be the smallest little LEGO blocks out of which everything was built. Western reductive materialism is largely predicated on seeing the world this way: A bunch of passive objects bouncing off of each other, except for us. Humans with sentience. Somehow we rose above the random chemical reactions of Universe to become intelligent. Now it is our right to arrange these LEGOs however we please (whether a God-given right according to the creationists or Sentience-given according to the scientists).

Does that story start to sound a bit thin when stated that plainly?

Prevailing scientific models no longer see atoms as indivisible objects, but rather a markedly complex system of interacting wavicles, forces, fields, and probability densities (wavicles = wave-particles which simultaneously have the properties of a wave and a particle).

We gave up indivisibility a long time ago. The current Wikipedia entry (excerpted below) about subatomic particle lists 100 of them without even getting far into anti-matter and anti-particles:

23 Nov 2014

What I’m Learning from Publishing Daily

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News Update

  1. I rarely get something written, edited and posted before the last half-hour of the day.  The deadline really works for me. It also means I pretty much have to make sure I have a good block of time available between 10pm and midnight every night. That sometimes works, but I don’t think I’m committed to having my permanent life schedule revolve around it.
  2. The commitment to publish daily has sometimes compromised the quality of what I publish. I put some things out half-baked. I don’t get “credit” for writing I do that doesn’t get published. (Although, it is sometimes a head-start for another day.)
  3. I generally like having written… even if I often avoid writing in advance.
10 Nov 2014

A Scattered Conglomeration

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I actually spent a fair amount of time today writing, and don't really have much of a new blog entry to show for it. What I do have to share is:

09 Nov 2014

Stream of Consciousness Writing

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Often, when I try to sit and write, I have challenges...

One challenge is a strange kind writer’s block that I think of as “bottlenecking.” I have so many ideas about what to write about trying to fight their way to the surface, yet I only have one set of hands to type with.