12 Nov 2015

Why Ceptr? or Transcending Maslow's Hierarchy

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A friend of mine (Sheri Herndon) just sent me an email which I replied to. My response felt like it should be capture (and probably expanded or built on more in the future) for a glimpse of why we're building Ceptr.  In fairness, she knows a lot of what I write in my answer, but it was in part to share the purpose behind Ceptr to the others copied on the message who I may meet tomorrow at the Platform Cooperativism Conference..

From Sheri:

05 Nov 2014

A Thought Experiment

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Imagine an intelligent alien species with such powerful skills of telepathy that they have no concept of language. They experience instantaneous knowledge of each other’s mental and emotional states just by shifting their attention to another of their kind. How would this alien perceive a meeting session of Parliament, Congress or the United Nations?

04 Nov 2014

Monetizing my Daughter: A Modest Proposal

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a baby girlWhen I graduated from business school I realized how poorly I’d been applying the important profit-producing principles of business to all areas of my life. I vowed to change that once and for all. So I’m going to start by maximizing the return on investment in my daughter.

I quickly ruled out some of the more obvious business models regarding her sexuality. Although there’s certainly market demand, she’s just too young -- I need my ROI much sooner than she will reach sexual maturity, and I have no talent for pornography. Others have found some innovative models, like auctioning your virginity on eBay, but surely that market will be saturated by the time she’s of legal age.

21 Jul 2011

The Deepest Importance of Currencies

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The reason I blog is because there are not many people writing about the topic I'd most like to engage people in. Specifically, it is about currencies as social DNA.

You see, corporations, institutions, governments, and nations are in fact living organisms. This is not a lofty metaphor, but literal truth.

They have a survival instinct to self-perpetuate, they breed new corporations and institutions, and even as the cells within them are replaced, their fundamental pattern continues. And we are their cells.

Bernal Bucks: The Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco launches an innovative hyper-local currency system with just local businesses in that neighborhood.
Mission Local
Currencies are like tracks in the snow.
Presentation with Prezi for Free Currencies Playshop
21 Aug 2009

Currency Quips for Later Development

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[Reposted from New Currency Frontiers]

I wrote these responses in the comments thread on this article about The End of Social Movements. There are some currency issues in them that I want to capture for later deeper discussion, so I'm reposting here so I'll know where to find them.

Money and Power Pathologies

Will – I think you make a good point that they’re ability to fool us, does not make them the same thing in essence. And I even like your lunch money metaphor.

So consider this: We start making alternative lunch money. It is only accepted at our own food carts, and participation is completely voluntary. The corporate thieves/bullies/thugs/raiders can only use it for lunch in that community and there’s only so much lunch they can eat.

However, if they can’t use it to buy up real estate, bribe politicians, make speculative investments, build their empire of power an anonymity, then it isn’t worth their time and energy to steal.

04 May 2009

We use currencies to keep records of currents...

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I originally posted this to the Complementary Currencies discussion group on Skype in response to a question from Christoph Hensch. But it probably merits inclusion here.

Christoph, I believe we are in the lazy habit of thinking that the flow of the currency itself is the one that matters instead of the actual flow of goods, services, resources, knowledge or participation which flows COUNTER to an exchange currency.

Those real-world currents shaped and enabled by currencies are what make them so valuable and powerful.

26 Apr 2009

Currencies as DNA of Social Organisms

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I just posted a reply to a post about currencies as the DNA of social organisms on New Currency Frontiers Blog and wanted to cross-post it here.

Many people seem to struggle with the "social organism" metaphor. I think that might be a function of two things: 1) loose boundaries which make it difficult to see social level organisms in the usual way we see "things" and 2) wanting to be individually more important than we are.