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17 Nov 2015

Why you haven't heard of Ceptr | MetaCurrency has been Underground

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It's dark undergroundThere are many people trying to solve the same kind of problems we're solving with Ceptr/Streamscapes/MetaCurrency tools. Many are doing *parts* of what we're doing, but as far as I know, nobody has reformulated the whole system in a way that solves all those problems at once while also enhancing social collective intelligence by building an infrastructure for living flow maps which is fundamentally decentralized, unenclosable, interoperable (self-describing, pluggable protocols), highly composable, with fractal coherence, intrinsic data integrity (signed chains), holographic storage (variations of DHT), relational wisdom (scapes), shared sense-making (semantics) and rapid evolution.

We tend to have a communication problem. What we're building is so big and broad, that most people don't make it far enough through the story to get the whole picture before they start challenging isolated parts out of context. I hear responses like: "RDF does that," or "Sounds like the blockchain to me," or "Can't you just mash together Diaspora, XDI and IPFS to get what you want?" or a thousand less polite variants along the lines of that we're friggin' crazy to be trying to change things at the level that we are.

18 Nov 2014

The Unfolding Story of a Life-Affirming Economy

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Video from a TEDx talk from one of our lovely MetaCurrency leaders was just released. It's rather beautiful. Please take a few minutes to soak it in.

13 Nov 2014

Fantasies, Dreams, Harebrained Schemes

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[Note: this is not the topic I said I would blog about as I ended yesterday’s post.]

Okay… I’ll admit it.  I’ve had some pretty harebrained schemes. 

Abnormal. Uncomfortable. Ridiculous. Unreasonable. Outrageous, even.

Of course, most of the ones that I actually took action on have worked.  About the others, we will probably never know.

I’m committed to maintain some spark of unjaded idealism and allowing myself to dream big.  I have some crazy, big projects in the works: building eco-villages and inspiring and nourishing communities, making it possible for myself and others to live from our passions instead of from monetary-based survival, transforming education, business, and human collective intelligence...

But it’s tricky navigating the waters between deep rooted dreams and harebrained schemes, and making sure that I don’t get waylaid by flaky fantasies.

The real possibility of Occupy Wall Street is not about physical occupation of a street, but about replacing the role that Wall St. plays in wealth creation. We spoke at Re-Visioning Money Day on October 24, 2011 at 60 Wall St. Thanks to Katie Teague for filming!
What do we need to do to reclaim the social network landscape from relationship profiteering?
21 Mar 2009

The Footprints of Flow

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Alan’s most recent of posts (about P2P Currency and Currency Platforms) outline a trajectory that points in this direction, but I want to specifically spell out one thing that is so different about what we’re building than any other currency projects we’ve seen.

There are some fundamental shifts that must be made in currency infrastructure for us to break free of the constraints and dysfunctional patterns of the past, and I don’t believe that any prior platforms provide for these necessary shifts yet.

I’ll let Eric write about how MCP and SGFL are also a complete departure, but I’m writing about the one that has been consuming my attention: Intrinsic Data Integrity.