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An amusing and brief interview of some of us currency folks at the Impact Economy Summit
At the Impact Economy Summit we had a breakout group exploring the concept of Deep Wealth that I had presented briefly. This is a brief report back.
Eric and I were invited to present Ceptr on the monthly MIT/KIT webinar for emerging Internet technologies. April 2015
Arthur and Eric do a post-monetary jazz ensemble at the Strategies for a New Economy Conference at Bard College - May 2012.
This video is from the second year of Emerging Leader Labs sharing our gratitude with the people who supported us. August 2013.
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The presentation we used in our MIT-KIT Webinar. I recommend you watch that video to get voice narration about how this all works.
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A brief recap of the principles of Deep Wealth, how to "see" it and build it together.
Transitioning to the New Economy - How your business can transition to the new economy.
New Economy, New Wealth - We are entering a post-industrial age with a very different economy and needs for a different view of wealth. What does this mean for us?
Local Flavors - Recirculating Gift Certificates which support local business, build community and enhance neighborhood appeal and local flavor.

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The FutureCast series is a new way to track some of IFTF's research-in-progress and join the behind-the-scenes conversations that help shape our forecasts in global trends, technology, innovation, health, and sustainability. These open conversations will be recorded and made available as podcasts on the Future Now blog.

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Douglas Rushkoff interviews Arthur Brock about currencies for a New Economy on his Media Squat radio show.

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Rushkoff Interviews Arthur.mp3

Marti Spiegelman interviews Arthur about deep value on her Awakening Value Radio show on Voice America.

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Pages 128-130 in Rethinking Money outline the Capital Programs that we've been deploying at the Mile High Business Alliance.
Designing for Social Flows is a book curated by Jean Russel and Herman Wagter. I contributed a section in chapter 6 about Designing Incentives.
How New Kinds of Currencies can Solve Social and Economic Problems

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M'Lissa (Roulson) Story did her Masters thesis using Emerging Leader Labs as a case study for Social Innovation Incubators. This is her presentation of her thesis. Okay, it's not exactly news/press, but it's actually kind of cooler. Somebody did a whole Masters thesis about ELL! // or whatever the title of M'Lissa's full thesis is. :)
An oldie, but goodie. An article written by Rebecca Self about my old company Dream Team Technologies around the time we received the Colorado Ethics in Business Award (2001).
Jacki Saorsail compiled a whole output packet as part of her capstone project for her Masters from Gaia University. Be sure to note there are SEVEN TABS OF CONTENT across the top of the page. That's where most the beef is, not on the "cover page."
Gaia University - Capstone Output Packet for Masters Degree
What do we need to do to reclaim the social network landscape from relationship profiteering?
Can we tweak what we measure and pay attention to provide game-like incentives which build better communities?
Urban Times