Threebles may wobble but they won't fall down

Money designed for sustainability and stability

Triple Bottom Line accounting was invented to try to get at the real costs of business which are often externalized in the normal economy. Instead of internalizing the complexity and attempting to account for all such external effects, we suggest another approach. Set up external feedback loops for people and planetary impacts then create a financial consequences by effecting their cost and availability of money.

Threebles (from 3ble - Triple Bottom Line Economics) are a currency which incorporates a triple-credit-rating so Social, Natural and Financial Capital can all be included in the function of money. Threebles are being launched through local trade exchanges in networks of businesses who are socially or environmentally responsible. Contact us to bring Threebles to your community.

We’ll be posting more information on this web site, but here’s some more info:

  1. A Presentation to an investor group about Threebles: Decent overview with short slides and a few visuals.
  2. Initial Project Proposal for Threshold (socially responsible investors) and Complementary Currency Fund
  3. Our Google 10^100 Project Submission for best ideas to make a better world

If you want to dig deeper, ask a question and we’ll answer in our FAQ.