This site is no longer maintained!

You can find much more up-to-date information at on the MetaCurrency Project web site. This site is just online for archival purposes

What is Targeted Currencies Network?

We are a recognized leader in the alternative currency movement and at the forefront of implementing dynamic system designs which: strengthen loyalty and participation, generate new revenue, leverage existing assets, maximize cash flow, and build trust and reputation.

Some of the projects we have implemented include employee incentive plans, local currency systems, volunteer rewards, feedback systems for ecology management, and participatory information value and ranking. We’ve worked with businesses, governments, non-profits, and online communities, as well as conferences and events.

What do we mean by targeted currencies?

Targeted currencies are a tool used to increase the flow of resources within a community. These are specifically designed for each community and their specific problems, as opposed to ‘one size fits all’ solutions. The ultimate goal is to create a rich ecology of currencies that can add the dimensions of abundance and sufficiency to the global economy, balancing out the economics of scarcity that reigns the world today. Alternative, complementary, incentive and local currencies are all types of targeted currencies. Read more about targeted currencies.

What will I find here?

Use our site to learn about our customer offerings, past and current projects, and find valuable resources related to targeted currencies, including information about people and projects from around the world that are using them. You can also view our Targeted Currencies Blog, a brand-new way we’re sharing information about targeted currencies and their uses.

We are working to improve this site, so please check back soon for more information and a new look and feel! In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions about our work or how you can get involved.