Deep Wealth Design

Deep Wealth is the heart of a thrivable future
Arthur Brock

There are core principles and patterns involved in generating lush, thriving, abundant living systems. We have created a living system model of wealth which enables communities and organizations to build Deep Wealth, rather than just a shallow accumulation of numbers in a bank account. This is because we are committed to nourishing living systems. And what makes living systems alive (at all levels: organisms, ecosystems, economies, communities, organizations, etc), is the integrity of their flows. Disrupt any vital flow, and the system soon dies.

Wealth: A Living Systems Model

As a society, we have a pretty good understanding of objects and how to manipulate them, but we’re not as good with flows. The MetaCurrency Project has identified the patterns, principles, and protocols for how we use currencies (think “current-sees”) to share, measure and enable all kinds of currents.

The nervous systems of our organizations, governments, and economies are encoded with currencies. If we use currencies designed for short-term gain, we construct corporations that are cancerous.

We are building the technological tools and social patterns and practices to enable the next economy — one that is distributed, equitable, and regenerative.


The words “currency” and “current” come from the same Latin verb, correre, meaning “to run.” Crucial for designing community, “current-sees” shape, enable, and measure flows of resources and value. The MetaCurrency Project uses these powerful tools to create solutions that go much deeper than money. We specialize in designing dynamic systems for specific communities and their specific needs.

Open Technology

If we want technology to actually solve problems, it can’t recreate the same imbalances found in our economic system. An equitable, healthy economy in an information age requires information technology that empowers everyone equitably. Our team demands the most rigorous standards for distributed processing and data integrity in all the technology that we develop.

Collective Intelligence

Evolution has provided humankind with deep social skills for collaboration and mutual support. In order to achieve goals in a complex and changing context a group of people can tap into this matrix of information and skill sharing that defines our species. The MetaCurrency Project has developed this common sense into a discipline and ethics for the Information Age: a strategy for scaling our humanity.

Sovereign Accountable Commons

New tools and capabilities require new organizational models. A Sovereign Accountable Commons (SAC) holds the code, assets, and communities emerging as we release the Ceptr network. An equitable economy requires a composable grammar of the commons. SACs provide a medium with which to make that composability happen, revolutionizing our organizing capacities in their capability to scale and fork.