Tools at the Core of our Work

Our work typically involves three types of related tools.

  1. Currencies as new incentives, measurement and feedback systems.
  2. Decision Making Tools which alter group dynamics and evoke better collective intelligence
  3. Communication Tools which improve relationships, group processes, and handling of information.

If you want to try out some do it yourself work in designing currencies for your community or company, here are some resources to help you get started:

  • The Currency Decision Tree shows you all the knobs and dials you might have to adjust in choosing how your currency functions. NOTE: The tree is huge, so we give it to you in an interactive tool where you can selectively open up branches. Just click on a branch to open/close it.
  • The Flowspace Brainstorming Worksheet will widen the field of possibilities and show you a bit about just how powerful currencies can be in unexpected (non-monetary) ways. Also, take a look at our page about Dynamic Alignment for a useful Group Decision Making Tool.

We’re working on getting more information about the sorts of tools we use posted on this site. Unfortunately our workload often prevents from promoting our work even further. Feel free to contact us for more information.

More Currency Design Resources

You can track what Arthur Brock is up to on his personal web site. It is also worth visiting the New Currency Frontiers Blog or Web Site

Also, see John Rogers’ currency design support tools.

Below are the diagrams missing from the currency decision map (linked above) that the mindmap program won’t display.

Token Flows

System Flows