Lifeblood design

What actually makes a business or community thrive?

Lifeblood Design is a small consultancy which designs solutions for businesses, communities and governments who are trying to raise engagement customers, participants and citizens to more vibrant levels of activity and trust.

Often, we leverage alternative currencies to create the incentives and indicators that people need for more full engagement.

Truthfully, we don’t update this site very often, so you may learn more by looking at some of the activities and projects that our leaders invest the majority of their time in.


Have you ever wondered about what makes a business truly vibrant and successful? Why do some communities seem to pulse with life while others seem to be drying up? What spurs enormous economic activity in some places and not in others?

At Lifeblood Design, we’re in the business of recognizing the answers to precisely these sort of questions. We also facilitate and jump-start the activities that create this kind of vibrance and vitality.

  • What is the lifeblood of a community?
  • What are the vital flows of information, expertise, participation and resources for your business to succeed?
  • How do you fully engage neighbors, employees, customers as stakeholders and active participants?