Regenerative Organizational Design - Jacki Saorsail


Emerging Leader Labs Jaclyn Saorsail Master’s Degree Program at Gaia University, Open Topic Pre-Capstone Phase, Output Packet 2, Section 1302 Published August 1st, 2013


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This output packet is the story of how I began my quest toward regenerative organizational design. I don’t think it’s regenerative to try to do things alone so I sought out a community to help me explore ideas, develop my projects for Gaia U and practice communicating about my projects both in conversation and in presenting to a group.

I assigned myself an output packet on communication in my Learning Intentions and Pathway Design because this is an area I have difficulty with. Since childhood I’ve felt socially awkward had difficulty communicating about topics I care strongly about. I knew I needed to improve my communication to be a good facilitator and leader and so I sought a community to help me.

I spent two months this summer in a full time residential project incubator in Chatham, New York called Emerging Leader Labs. ELL is a Social Enterprise Incubator focussed on the social aspects of enterprise design. There I found a supportive community of like-minded people, each with their own projects, working toward developing their own messaging, recruitment strategy, and organizational culture. We explored topics like leadership, culture creation, non-violent communication, and influence. I created a framework for organizational design called Regenerative Dynamics and gave a recorded presentation at the end of the program. This output packet records this journey and the outcomes that have emerged from it.

Emerging Leader Labs Summer Program 2013


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How to Read this Output Packet


There are three main components of this output packet, the core report, supporting evidence, and commentary. The core report consists of the “Introduction”, “Core Report”, and “Outcomes”. The bulk of the core report is a personal account of my experiences leading up to and at Emerging Leader Labs. The supporting evidence are the conversations I had and the materials that I read and wrote as a part of this project. Conversations and materials I produced are on the page “Supporting Evidence”. Websites, books, and other materials I read are on the page “Annotated Resource Review” with summaries and notes. The commentary are in the pages titled “Reflections” and “Pathway Review”. It includes the design of my output packet, how I integrated feedback from my previous output packets, how I managed time and promises, what I have accomplished from my original Learning Intentions and Pathway Design and how that design has changed.