Projects & collaborations

Current projects


Holochain is an (open source) data integrity framework for powering distributed applications. Holochain empowers people and communities to reclaim control of their data, identity, and agreements from surveillance-based businesses. We can build and run the same web apps we’ve come to rely on (like social networks, communication, marketplaces, knowledge sharing).


Agile Learning Centers

Agile Learning Centers are a rapidly-spreading, new model for education that enables schools to adapt to and serve the learning journey of their students, and provide an education that nourishes self-authorship, creativity, and entrepreneurship. ALCs bring agile practices and intentional culture development to a domain (education) that has been mired in bureaucracy and stuck in the assembly line practices of the industrial age.


Emerging Leader Labs

The Emerging Leader Labs is based in the gift economy that makes it possible for young visionaries to pursue their dreams. We start by developing skills in communication, team-building, culture-hacking, empowerment and producing results. After someone can produce results to manifest their vision, and there’s a chance at commercial viability for such results, then we address the issues of running a business.



Ceptr is a organically organized computing architecture of fractal receptors based on the scalability patterns of nature. It is designed as a framework for running distributed applications to help us make a quantum leap in large-scale collective social intelligence. Ceptr has pluggable protocols with a universal protocol parser that let anything talk to anything else.


Mile High Business Alliance

The Mile High Business Alliance was a membership organization for Colorado based businesses which helped build a stronger local economy supporting local business, “buy local” awareness, and local capacity building.


The MetaCurrency Project

The MetaCurrency Project is building the tools and technology platforms to open source the next economy. In service of this goal we have spun off a series of other major projects such as Ceptr, Holochain, and Holo Hosting.


Lifeblood Design

Lifeblood Design is a consultancy which designs currency solutions for businesses, communities, municipalities, and government agencies seeking to improve economics, participation, and community vibrancy.


The Geek Gene

The Geek Gene offers strategic IT planning, custom currency solution design distributed application development for building on Holochain, supply chain accounting support via Holo-REA, and interactive community-building tools.


Past Projects

Other Collaborations (Some Current)


Thrivable ignites, inspires, and informs. Innovative workshops, consulting, and coaching empower individuals to co-create resilient, creative, and adaptive organizations.



Symbionomics is a documentary and media project about the new economy.


The REXpedition

The REXpedition is the Relationship Economy eXpedition.


Grass Commons and Decko

The Grass Commons and Decko is a free, open-source application with a unique, powerful approach to community-organized data.