A New MySpace Experiment (new for me, anyway)

Current mood:optimistic

In recent weeks I have experienced a renewed surge of creative energy in my projects in the alternative currencies space… new ways of talking about the ideas… new connections being made… new collaborators… new ways of unifying our visions… and most noteworthy, a strong inclination to write a book.

I’ve always figured I’d a write some a book or more at some point. But I kinda figured I’d leave that until my feeble, semi-retired years when I stop running around like a crazy person trying to do so many things and decide it would be interesting to write my memoirs or share some other deep profound wisdom.

A very compelling structure for this book has been coming to me and it seems to be demanding to be written. It takes the revolutionary and empowering concepts from the work that I’ve been doing in community-building, currencies, trust, reputation, etc. and wraps them up into an engaging and intriguing package that may well succeed in reaching people.

The problem is that I’m not sure I have the time (nor talent in certain domains) to focus on this endeavor. Not only do I resist writing, but my writing tends towards terseness and extreme intensity. Lots of ideas – very few words. I need somebody to co-write with who can bring flair to the character development, descriptions and dialogue.

I recently discovered that the Networking feature on MySpace is working, so I decided to do a search for a possible co-writer / ghost writer / co-creative partner in this process. I’ve sent out a few messages… set up a few meetings. I admit I’m almost shocked that MySpace may actually turn out to be useful in this regard!

Originally posted to my MySpace blog