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Holochain Safe Haven For Extremists Or Beacon Of Hope
Announcing and Unpacking the New Holochain
Currencies are Records of Currents
Unleashing the Power of Unenclosable Carriers (and How Holochain Can Help)
The Holocene Explosion (2.4) - Game-Changing Possibilities in a World of Unenclosable Carriers
The Holocene Explosion (2.3) - Game-Changing Possibilities in a World of Unenclosable Carriers
The Holocene Explosion (2.2) - Game-Changing Possibilities in a World of Unenclosable Carriers
The Holocene Explosion (2.1) - Game-Changing Possibilities in a World of Unenclosable Carriers
Unenclosable Carriers and the Future of Communication
Holochain - Wins, Missteps, and Next Steps
A Tour of Holo’s Initial Apps
Understanding the Cryptographic Autonomy License
Avoid Blunders in Designing Reputation Systems
Licensing needs for Truly P2P Software
Holochain vs. Hashgraph
Launching an Ethical ICO
Toward an Ethical ICO
Building Responsible Cryptocurrencies
A major phase shift
Commons Engine
Intro to Currency Design
Powerful Design Principles for Next-Gen Governance
Challenging Broken Assumptions of Governance
The Art of Governance
The Future of Governance is not Governments
Cryptocurrencies are Dead
Ode to ELL and my Backlog
Jerry Michalski interviews me about Alternative Currencies IFTF FutureCast Interview
Perspectives on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
The MetaCurrency Myth
The Sovereign Accountable Commons
Variable Rates of Change Integration
Infrastructure Breakdown
New Speech-Act Spaces
Why you haven't heard of Ceptr | MetaCurrency has been Underground
Painting a picture of Agile Learning Centers
Just a Spoonful of Ceptr
Deep Wealth Breakout Session Recap
Deep Wealth & How we Build it Together
Currency Interview
Why Ceptr? or Transcending Maslow's Hierarchy
New Kind of Commons: The Land Weaving Society
Is there anything that can't be Monetized?
ALCs as NextGen Self-Directed Learning (Pt.1)
ALC Starter Kit
Distributed Receptor-Based Computing
A Quantum Leap
Another Active November!
MIT Webinar on Ceptr
Dream Team Technologies Founding Documents
Currencies for Disaster Assistance and Economic Development
Financing for Local Business
Designing for Social Flows: Designing Incentives.
Draft Proposal for a Currency Commons
Deep Wealth talk at New Economy Conference
The End of a Month of Daily Publishing & Loose Ends
Building Meaning through Semantic Alternation
Today's writing update
The Pervasiveness of Consciousness and Language
Ceptr Design: Receptive Capacity Breakthrough
Living in Community
Building with the Earth
What I'm Learning from Publishing Daily
Answers are Truly no Better than Questions
Designing Social Flows - Chapter 6 on Designing Incentives
The Laws of Thermodynamics Reinterpreted
Hacking my Productivity
The Unfolding Story of a Life-Affirming Economy
Currency Design Training Materials
Returning from NYC
Reputation is Orthogonal to Exchange
I am a Strange Loop. You're a Strange Loop. Wouldn't Ceptr likely be Strange Loop too?
Fantasies, Dreams, Harebrained Schemes
Magical Power Objects and Sociopaths
Arriving to Where you Love (Freedom vs. Agency)
A Scattered Conglomeration
Stream of Consciousness Writing
Conscious Culture Creation and the Community Mastery Board
GameShifting tools for Group Self-Facilitation
Those Kids and Their Darn Gadgets <grumble…grumble>
A Thought Experiment
Monetizing my Daughter: A Modest Proposal
Some Thoughts about Feedback Loops
Understanding Commonwealth Economies & Re-interpreting Darwinism
Who should issue our currency?
Overdue Personal Update
An EXPLOSION of new writing!
ELL Gratitude
Emerging Leader Labs
Emerging Leader Labs - Seed Project
Emerging Leader Labs - Seed Project
Arthur Brock & Eric Harris-Braun speak at Occupy Wall St.
Future trajectory for our species?
The Deepest Importance of Currencies
Introduction to Metacurrency
Milk & Honey: Tracks In The Snow
Currency Resources Section for Life Inc.
Modern technology makes it realistic for us to perform the accounting and transaction functions that banks have traditionally done for us. We have the means to put an end to their money monopoly and their currency monoculture which they have fostered to make it easier for them to control the economy and channel wealth into the hands of the few. Read More ›

Arthur Brock - Transitioning to the New Economy
Transitioning to the New Economy
New Economy, New Wealth
Media Squat with Arthur Brock on Currencies
Currencies for 21st Century Success
The Central Covenants of Successful Economies
Gift Transactions vs. Commercial Transactions
Money Can't Buy You Love… or Trust.
Artbrock's Wish List
Local Flavors
Evolution of Productive Efficiency
Colorado Local First
Critical reasons to expand our perception of Currencies
Currency Quips for Later Development
Differences Between "Open Source" and "Open Currency"
We use currencies to keep records of currents…
Currencies as DNA of Social Organisms
Value, Values and the New Economy
The Footprints of Flow
Predictable Living Systems
Critical to expand perception of Currencies
Triple Bottom Line Currency
A World Without Small Business
On the passing of my father…
A New MySpace Experiment (new for me, anyway)
Feminist Gift Economy Conference