Returning from NYC

I went down to NYC for the weekend to spend some time with Timothy. It was good to get some time with him, although we did spend a bunch of that time watching episodes of Psyche. :) I drove Sarah’s girls (Lily, Georgia & Ruby) down with me and brought them back too. That made the drive a lot more fun.

On the way down, I swung by the Retreat Center that I’m entertaining notions of acquiring as a campus for all these world-changing projects. It was good to get a glimpse, but I haven’t arrived at complete clarity about moving forward with that approach yet.

I spent a bunch of time today writing…I added to the Reputation piece I wrote yesterday with diagrams and more meaty content. I hope that it is useful to other people doing currency design and helps prevent the one of the most common mistakes I see happening in currency designs.

I think I’m going to count that work as the bulk of my day’s writing/publishing rather than throw some other half-baked thing together for today.

Now I’m back upstate and hoping to get more Ceptr documentation and development with Eric done this week!