What I'm Learning from Publishing Daily


  1. I rarely get something written, edited and posted before the last half-hour of the day. The deadline really works for me. It also means I pretty much have to make sure I have a good block of time available between 10pm and midnight every night. That sometimes works, but I don’t think I’m committed to having my permanent life schedule revolve around it.
  2. The commitment to publish daily has sometimes compromised the quality of what I publish. I put some things out half-baked. I don’t get “credit” for writing I do that doesn’t get published. (Although, it is sometimes a head-start for another day.)
  3. I generally like having written… even if I often avoid writing in advance.
  4. I feel like I’m clearing the way for more focused writing on Ceptr, currency design or a book by getting all these random tidbits out of the way of my creative passages.
  5. I feel more comfortable riffing on a topic without too much forethought and figuring out how to say something useful about it. This is in contrast to the lesson #4. Some of the things I’ve written may not have been in the way as much as they were spontaneously invented. But the ability to invent spontaneously seems important.
  6. I don’t have a very vibrant, active community of responders, discussers, participants. This is not too surprising given how spotty I’ve been about posting. I hope this pattern shifts with some regularity on my side.
  7. Writing daily has focused some of my attention on my website infrastructure. I got my ALC blog up and running, made some fixes to my web site, and am starting to upgrade the Wordpress tools on my server.
  8. So far, I’m ranting more often than I expect. I don’t like my ranting voice, but it does help me keep the fingers typing so that something gets written and quickly. I probably need to go back and translate some of my entries to be less ranty.
  9. So far, I’m not very funny. Or at least my humor doesn’t come out in my writing too much. Satire like “Monetizing my Daughter” has probably gotten the most reactions and humored responses, as well.
  10. Oh… and obviously… although my writing isn’t winning any Pulitzers, but I can really see how a daily practice would improve my skills.