A Quantum Leap

We are poised for a quantum leap of human evolution toward true large-scale social collective intelligence (beyond the hierarchical, mechanistic and cancerous organizational models of modern institutions and corporations). However, this breakthrough requires a new EXPRESSIVE CAPACITY which involves new TOOLS and new SKILLS.

TOOLS: Our social, legal, financial and computing infrastructure has centralized/hierarchical control built into its very DNA. New tools which are fundamentally distributed in function and holographic in their information architecture provide the foundation of new social, legal, financial and computing capacities that are impossible to build on centralized tech. I’m working on these kinds of tools (Ceptr, StreamScapes, MetaCurrency, etc.)

SKILLS: Of course tools alone won’t do the job. We need not only consciousness of the possibility of new patterns, but actual skills and practice in organizing at small-scale in the new empowered social patterns that the tools enable at a larger scale. These skills are practiced in our growing network of Agile Learning Centers and at Emerging Leader Labs.

EXPRESSIVE CAPACITY: For cells to build and coordinate complex multicellular organisms, they had to create new “languages” like DNA, hormones, and neural signals. Humans also have been creating new expressive capacities, not just in spoken language or writing, but in laws, charters, constitutions and currencies. This is why we’re building Ceptr.