Artbrock's Wish List

Since I’m not too easy to buy gifts for, this page has been placed here in response to requests for gift ideas for birthday or Christmas.


  • Shoe Repair at Dardano’s
  • A nice AM Yoga DVD
  • Trikke T12 replacement tubes (info)
  • Trikke T12 replacement tires (info)
  • Motorcycle cover to protect it from the elements
  • Balaclava for riding motorcycle in cold weather (like this one, so it fits under my helmet)
  • Amazon Gift Certificate for various tech items

Gift certificates for places I frequent

  • Szechuan Restaurant - The old standby when I don’t feel like cooking dinner.
  • Bardo: My second home/office - a coffee house on South Broadway. You’ll have to call them. Just tell them to add the balance to my existing gift card. 303-629-8331 (They can look it up by my name or just tell them it’s card #12.)
  • Floyd’s Barbershop: For haircuts every few months.
  • Watercourse: Vegetarian restaurant.
  • India Oven: Best vegetarian buffet.
  • Indian Hot Springs: Help get me away from the computer, out of the house to soak.
  • Thai Basil or Swing Thai
  • Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage

Also… here’s my Amazon Wish List