Conscious Culture Creation and the Community Mastery Board

A lot of my endeavors revolve around creating an intentional and powerful community or social fabric which serves as the foundation for building other value. Some time in my 20s, I realized: “So what if I do all sorts of great and powerful things… The real juicy and surprising things happen when I create with others, and I even often get to surprise myself.”

Community became a canvas upon which I created. I started discussion salons, alternative health centers, holistic publishing, schools, youth programs, and leadership programs. For me it culminated in creating a company that was rooted in creating a community at work together. Working with the people I most loved to create with in the world. We started Dream Team Technologies.

This became an amazing, inspiring and powerful laboratory for conscious culture creation in parallel with accomplishing extraordinary results. It turns out it was no cakewalk. Being friends and holding each other to account did not come as a readily available combination in mainstream culture. It took some creativity to find ways of doing this. I recently wrote about this in a chapter of a book that Jean Russell was curating about Designing Social Flows.

It was how I became currency designer, a culture hacker, and a reasonably successful entrepreneur.

The lessons from that experience have been so deep and so varied that I feel completely delinquent in sharing them. They serve as the basis for my currency work, for most of the curriculum for Emerging Leader Labs, for the framework of Agile Learning Centers, and as the core value provided by companies of other of Dream Team’s leaders. It was really nice to get some of the story written down for Jean’s book.

Culture Hacking Trick for Educational Communities

Combining the visual feedback of kanban, with meetings for self-governance, we created a tool which replaced most of the bureaucratic overhead of rules and rulemakng with the creation of social practices that you try out for a week or to to solve specific problems.


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