Infrastructure Breakdown

Okay. At the beginning of the month I promised 5 posts per week. I did pretty well the first couple weeks, but I had a computer meltdown and started burning most of my spare time rebuilding my system, making my final migration to Linux, and wrestling with a lack of adequete drivers for my hardware to function reasonably. Four Linux distros later with multiple kernel patches and modprobe variations and tweaks to settings, drivers, xorg configurations, startup scripts, etc…. I still don’t have working WiFI and my mouse behavior is not yet acceptable.

Unfortunately, I’m not done yet, and I’m committed to make this work because I’m so far beyond done with Windows that I can’t reasonably consider going back, so I’m going to have to spend some more time on it. But it also means I’ve failed to get my writing out in a timely manner. I’m going to try to crank out a couple more things before month-end, but I’m going to carry my commitment forward into December for a couple weeks to complete my 20 promised posts.

After that, I may try to find a reasonable sustained schedule. Maybe posting two nights per week?

So… for those that have been anxiously awaiting posts from me, I apologize. But hang in there over the next couple weeks. I think there’s some good stuff brewing.