Dream Team Technologies Founding Documents

In 1996 I started a company with some friends with the intention of creating “community at work together.” This company became a HUGE source of my personal growth and development, broad entrepreuneurial experience, intentional culture creation and is what set me on the path into alternative currencies because of the innovative performance measures we created to manage a managerless organization. I’m sharing our founding documents below because I find them very inspiring and they’re not online anywhere.

Actually, I usually cry when reading them aloud… especially the Statement of Accountability.

Vision / Mission / Purpose

Vision: We see the possibility of business as an intimate community working and playing together, an inspiring environment where people are fulfilled, fully expressed and exploding with growth.

Mission: Our mission is to be a wildly successful example of a business which answers today’s need for people-centered business, to be a dynamic and responsive team, grounded in integrity and committed to service.

Purpose: Through our teamwork we will generate extraordinary abundance and an ideal work environment. Our success will be a contribution to our communities and provide a valuable new model for business.

Statement of Accountability

We are Dream Team Technologies, a business committed to the fulfillment of the human spirit.

We provide an environment of partnership, creativity and intentionality which guarantees not only the success of our business enterprises but also the personal success and satisfaction of our employees and clients. This environment fosters clear communication and full self-expression, increases people’s productivity and effectiveness, and through the context of team, creates irresistible momentum for accomplishing results and projects.

We stand for a culture of business where people are acknowledged and compensated for their gifts and talents; for a world where business decisions are not solely based on profit, but involve shared commitments, respect of resources and quality of product, care and service.

The people of Dream Team Technologies are passionate about their lives. They bring magic to their relationships, pursue their dreams and are leaders in their communities. Experiencing, honoring and sharing the richness of humanity is the context for their work.

This is business with integrity, work with a purpose - this is Dream Team Technologies