Who should issue our currency?

The concept is really simple.

Since it is ALL OF US who create value, I believe it is ALL OF US who need to maintain our capacities to choose how to measure and account for the value we create.

If we surrender this ability to any special or narrow interest group (and like it or not, the government is one of those) then we surrender control of the value we create.

Let’s be very clear – there is no such thing as a value-neutral currency. Every currency embodies particular values by WHAT it measure or fails to measure and HOW it measures it. No single currency can value everything equally; that would be the same as valuing nothing.

We need a free market for currencies more than we need a free market for goods and services. In fact, different currencies have the capacities to create different markets with different value gradients – values based not only on scarcity and control.

Until currency making capacities are in the hands of the general populace we are functionally blind to the plurality of value that actually makes the world work. In other words, without a rich ecosystem of currencies which reflect the richness of values of their participants, our world is broken – we will have neither social equality nor environmental sustainability.

The execution is not so simple.

We have discovered that what it really takes to build truly peered currency systems is truly peered computing architectures. We don’t really have those yet. At least not ones that meet our requirements. Hence all the lower level work we’ve been doing on Ceptr as a platform for having a self-decribing protocol stack that lets everying talk to everything on decentralized computing architecture.

We have a lot more work to do on Ceptr… but what is unfolding is exciting and you can find out more about it here: Ceptr Apocalypse.