A Scattered Conglomeration

I actually spent a fair amount of time today writing, and don’t really have much of a new blog entry to show for it. What I do have to share is:

  • I went back and edited some recent entries where I had left some sections in note form, not quite complete. Including mostly finishing making a case for embracing modern digital literacy for today’s youth.
  • I edited an article on Semtrex (SEMantic Tree Regular EXpressions) in Ceptr that Marc Clifton has started working on. (No public link yet.)
  • I made some updates to the Ceptr Apocalypse and am heading back toward getting my groove on in writing there.
  • I set up and customized my Agile Learning Centers blog and reposted some of my recent relevant posts there.

Of course, there’s always email. And Articles of Incorporation for ALC Mosaic… but that’s not really the kind of writing I had in mind for here. At least I feel like I’m establishing a bit of a daily pattern and regimen for getting stuff shared and that was my goal.