The End of a Month of Daily Publishing & Loose Ends

To Do List

So it’s the end of a month of daily writing and posting… I’ve already posted some reflections about what I’ve learned from the process, and although I have a number of partially written posts I could tackle to post tonight, I find that instead I want to talk about what’s next.

Although there’s certainly been some value in the practice of daily posting, I fear I’m compromising quality for frequency. I’m tempted to continue with a daily writing practice, and trying to make sure I have time structured for that. However, I’m not so sure I want to post from that writing on a daily basis.

For me there’s a bit of a tension between writing freely and quickly, and writing something ready to be shared. I want to keep a flow of free writing, but then come back and edit it for publication. And I’m game to commit to publishing weekly, and I’d like to post even a few times a week, but with only the “promise” for once a week. That certainly feels quite doable at the moment since I just managed to do it 7 times per week for the past 30 days.

So… November ends with a bunch of loose ends. This is the TO DO list as I see it.

  1. Put some images and visuals in most of the posts to make them more engaging.
  2. There are articles for me to go back and finish writing/editing:
  3. Building Meaning through Semantic Alternation
  4. The Pervasiveness of Consciousness and Language
  5. The Laws of Thermodynamics Reinterpreted
  6. Magical Power Objects and Sociopaths Part 2 (What to do about it.)
  7. Conscious Culture Creation and the Community Mastery Board
  8. Ones I need to cross-post to my Agile Learning Center Blog
  9. Answers are Truly no Better than Questions
  10. Hacking my Productivity
  11. Those Kids and Their Darn Gadgets <grumble…grumble>
  12. Arriving to Where you Love (Freedom vs. Agency)
  13. Conscious Culture Creation and the Community Mastery Board
  14. Ones I should cross-post to MetaCurrency or other Currency resource sites
  15. Designing Social Flows 1. Chapter 6 on Designing Incentives
  16. Reputation is Orthogonal to Exchange
  17. A Thought Experiment
  18. Monetizing my Daughter: A Modest Proposal
  19. Some Thoughts about Feedback Loops
  20. Understanding Commonwealth Economies & Re-interpreting Darwinism
  21. Who should issue our currency?
  22. Ones I should cross-**post to Ceptr **site, Apocalypse or github tech docs
  23. Ceptr Design: Receptive Capacity Breakthrough
  24. I am a Strange Loop. You’re a Strange Loop. Wouldn’t Ceptr likely be Strange Loop too?
  25. Building Meaning through Semantic Alternation
  26. Things I should integrate into the Emerging Leader Labs site/materials
  27. Conscious Culture Creation and the Community Mastery Board
  28. GameShifting tools for Group Self-Facilitation

Of course it seems like after a month of writing I have more writing tasks to do than when I started. :P